A Terrorist By Any Other Name

It’s easy to blame Muslim leaders for the rise of terrorism. To point out the hypocrisy of Imams and Islamic leaders for their refusal to use the full power of their positions to condemn those fundamentalists who commit horrific acts in the name of their God and prophets. To demand they do no more to convince the world that Islam is not a violent religion. That the misguided acts of a few are not representative of the whole.

America has a similar problem. Our standing as leader of the free world, the land of hopes and dreams and beacon of freedom for the world’s oppressed and under privileged is fading. It’s time for our leaders to recognize the rise of white Christian domestic terrorists. A fundamental sect comprised primarily of disgruntled youth who bastardize the words of God, Jesus and our founding fathers to justify their own acts of violence and deplorable behavior.

For years our leaders have more or less ignored this growing threat. Rather than condemn and stigmatize the larger group we have excused their behaviors as the acts of a lone wolf, a disturbed and misguided individual or other one off. Of course nothing could be further from the truth. These repeated attacks are all connected to a larger movement. A confederacy of hate and white supremacy that preys on the outcasts and piranhas of our society. They rely on conspiracy theory, fear and alternative facts to connect with the fringes of society who otherwise lack a voice. They use tried and true methods of organized dogma, scape goats, propaganda and slogan to radicalize new members. They encourage recruits to arm themselves with military grade arsenals and practically dare them to try out their new toys on the deep state and liberal elites who seek to prevent their ascension.

The time has come for Americans to protect their standing in the world. To make clear that this group of radical domestic terrorists do not define this great nation or her people. We are the land of the free and home of the brave. Let’s act it. The time has come to call out and differentiate the majority of us from those who now seek to change our identity. Who wish to hit a pause on the progress button and redefine a once great nation’s values and ideals.


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