Why drain the swamp if you’re going to replace it with it a cesspool?

Flynn’s loyalty towards Russia wasn’t a surprise to anyone; not Donald Trump, not his jolly sidekick Preacher Pence, not our Congress, not even the American public. If you honestly believe Flynn was forced to hand in his resignation because he misled VP Pence then I need you to know that I’m a Private Investigator handling the estate of your Great Uncle. He was a widowed Nigerian Prince with no heirs and a large inheritance. If you will just overnight me a money order I’ll wire transfer it right over to you.Seriously, if Pence was misled it’s ‘s only because he wished to be. It’s called willful ignorance or plausible deniability.

Here’s what was widely known about Flynn before he was offered the opportunity to lead our National Security Agency. In 2012 he was fired from his job as head of Defense Intelligence Agency by then POTUS Obama. Scuttlebutt is he was a terrible manager who left chaos in his wake. He went on to become a Trump surrogate and twitter conspiracy theorist. Leading chants of “lock her up” in what is described by former colleagues as unusual behavior. As recently as 2015 Flynn was a paid contributor by Russia’s state broadcaster, Russia Today, for appearing on its air. In December of that year he attended a Moscow dinner and sat as a guest of honor next to Puppetmaster Putin himself. I could go into his relations with Erdogan or quote his Islamaphobic opinions but you get the picture.

Does that sounds like an ideal candidate to you? Like someone a CEO President, whose number one priority is keeping this nation safe, would select to fill one of the most critical roles in our collective security? Flynn raised so many red flags he may as well have had a sickle and hammer tattooed into his forehead. It is one thing to be qualified for a job and a whole other thing to be fit for it.

If a refugee applied for entry into this country and their application was dependent on alternative facts, slogan and propaganda we’d send him straight to Guantanamo! We certainly would not hand him the keys to the Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall White House and access to our nation’s most sensitive secrets. That is not normal.

So I’m going to suggest something a little radical. Why don’t all of us, Democrat, Republican and Independent start holding our leaders accountable. Let’s start by demanding they conduct “routine vetting” of each and every Cabinet nominee, judicial appointee, and White House advisor from this day forward.

Heck our so called President should sign an EO tomorrow insisting upon it. After all our national security is his number one priority!


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