Confessions of a Disappointed Vagenius

I have a confession to make. Roseanne once referred to me as a “vagenius.” It’s true; back in the early lead up to the 2012 Presidential election Roseanne used to frequently retweet my @theseconddarrin account and at one point dubbed me with the oddly endearing title.

Unfortunately she’s since erased much of her online persona from back then so I can’t locate the exact tweet, but here’s a look at a few of the tweets she did pass along,

Don’t shoot at our hoodies, hijabs or yarmulkes and we won’t shoot at your hoods, confederate flags, or tow hitch nut sacks

Do not covet thy neighbor’s ox. Poison the environment so it can no longer survive #GOPCommandments

Thou shalt not steal unless thy designed a system to do it legally #GOPCommandments

As you can see far from the deplorable racist she now portrays, back then she endorsed the views of a social progressive environmentalist. A proud vagenius.

Still, make no mistake at some point after the 2012 election Roseanne began peddling racist conspiracy theory on social media. She proudly ranted and raved against the deep state and built a following among society’s fringes. Another celebrity willing to push her own agenda and dreams of a comeback by exploiting the fears and ignorance of a deplorable base.

Prior to the rumors of her primetime return nobody in the mainstream was paying Roseanne any mind. She maintained a modest online following but failed in her own disrupter presidential bid and efforts at a big comeback. Bitter and perhaps sensing opportunity to rebrand herself once again at this point she began to peddle deep state George Soros conspiracy theory and cater her message to the racist, homophobic, FoxNews fringe audience. Of course, nobody really listened to her until ABC legitimized her hate by providing it with a mass platform.

Let’s be clear. While welcomed news, nobody should cheer ABC’s decision to cancel “Roseanne.” Instead, we should ridicule the decision to bring it back in the first place. Demand our media conglomerates heed the lessons of this fiasco. That they stop giving voice to the fringes and legitimizing their fanatical and dishonest agendas. Notice I say fringes, plural. Those who seek to divide and promote discord amongst our citizenry have no place on our major networks.

By all means keep tweeting and speaking your hate filled ignorance, but do so where you belong. In the shadows, on the fringe, speaking in an empty forest.

Good riddance Roseanne,

From a disappointed vagenius #Karma


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