Appeasement or Resistance

All Americans need to carefully consider their next move. Reflect on your history. Get informed. Ask yourself; when has the leader who ruled through fear, intimidation, propaganda, alternative fact and slogan been on the right side of history?

I’ll spare you the research. The answer is never.

Those who continue to support Trump and this cesspool of corruption understand this. All you are doing is publicly identifying yourself as a dinosaur. Painting a scarlet letter on your sleeve that your way of thinking and very belief system will soon be relegated to the history books. Think carefully about your next move.

Whatever your choice, know this. We are the majority and will act as such! We will not be divided or tore down. We will continue to protest and resist hate. We will not be silenced or ignored. We will continue to engage and speak out against false equivalents. We will not be intimidated or bullied. We will remain active but peaceful. We will not be stilled or marginalized. We will demand transparency, justice and accountability.

Dinosaurs will fight hardest the nearer to extinction they are. It’s a hard thing to admit to oneself that your way of thinking is obsolete. Trump knows this. He holds no real positions. In waging war on the deep state. In peddling conspiracy theory, pushing false equivalents and in remaining neutral in his condemnation of the torch carrying hate mongers who gather in support of his agenda Deranged Donald has effectively deputized this merry bannon of deplorables to continue to intimidate our cities and towns with their words of hate and presence. The tighter the noose around his neck the more he relies on them.

Still, make no mistake. The war is won. Most of us, regardless of political party, stand on the right side of the battles that lay ahead. Most believe in the ideals this country stands for and understand its great history. We unequivocally condemn those who seek to divide our nation by race, religion, national origin or class. We recognize how we came to be the most powerful nation in the world. The majority of us take pride in the knowledge that America IS the great melting pot. That diversity IS the American identity. We can’t change that anymore than a tiger can change its stripes. A list of all the great contributions immigrants, refugees, and minorities have made to this country would dwarf a list of their misdeeds a million times over. Americans are waking. We know who we are. And we like it that way.

Progress only knows one direction and by definition doesn’t look back. Barack Obama has over 100 million twitter followers. Hillary Clinton received 65,844,610 votes in the presidential election. Sometimes size does matter.

Choosing to believe perception and alternative facts, doesn’t change the reality. The Electoral College does not change popular opinion.

We are the majority. We will not be silenced. We will not be intimidated.

It’s either appeasement or resistance.

Choose wisely. History has its eyes on you.


2 thoughts on “Appeasement or Resistance

  1. Thank you for the very clear description of our American fortitude. It is quite refreshing. I am in full agreement and, yes, a warrior for the America which the founders had intended for us to cherish and continue into our future, our children’s, our children’s children and beyond.

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  2. Must say the above article is skillfully written. However, I do not agree with it. Yes, I am one of those dreadful DJT followers & supporter. After 8 dreadful years in this country, DJT is a breath of fresh air. He has returned us to the values we have lived by & cherished. We have returned back into the spotlight as being the strongest nation in the world. Our President has stopped the drain of companies moving overseas & returned employment to millions of people. He has reduced our taxes, is slowing illegal immigration, has brought NK to the negotiation table. He realized our trade agreements were not balanced & is currently working to resolve the situation. To me & millions of others, what our President has already done has enriched our lives.


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