Does it Even Matter?

Trump’s financial ties and efforts to develop a Trump Tower Moscow were well known and a matter of public record long before this week. While I celebrate Consigliere Cohen’s growing conscience there was scant new evidence learned from his plea.

That’s the problem. Trump is well aware of his crimes. He knows what Mueller is certain to learn. His only concern is how to prevent it from ruining him.

He got into this mess because he was an overleveraged tycoon who had already been through multiple bankruptcies. Following the financial collapse and the enactment of new pesky regulations he was unable to secure new loans from domestic banks. To keep his remaining investments afloat he had to reach across the ocean for a few rubles to get back on his feet.

Make no mistake. Trump is willing to do anything to protect his legacy, grow his family fortune, make his daddy proud. There is no deal he would not make, quid pro quo he would not offer, alliance he would not break if necessary to advance his cause.

What makes Dear Donald so dangerous is he stands for nothing. He is the perfect mark; a man with little moral character willing to offer anything to protect his family name. Is it so hard to believe he’d betray his birth country if threatened with a pee tape and debt collectors.

Let’s save two more years of investigation. Donald Trump is using office of the Presidency to enrich himself and his cronies. He has tarnished the office of the Executive, diminished our world standing and extinguished the torch of liberty that once illuminated America’s shores.

Il Douche is the only man in America who knows exactly what is at stake in the Mueller investigation. Yet he has unilaterally been allowed to place nearly unvetted loyalists into lifetime judiciary appointments or other key national security and cabinet positions.

The one man who’s willingness to protect his legacy may have led him to commit treason has been allowed to lead our country as if he is a traditional risk. As if he hasn’t been stacking the deck to neuter whatever checks and balances may have been effective in exposing him.

If the Mueller investigation confirms what most of us already suspect;

That this caravan of corruption actively colluded with Russian counterparts to elect our Comrade in Chief,

That Trump is financially or otherwise compromised to Saudi, Russian and other foreign adversaries,

That the Trump empire knowingly laundered money on behalf of oligarchs and foreign investors in violation of numerous financial and tax laws.

If Mueller were to confirm these things beyond shadow of doubt. Would it even matter? All it really shows is most powerful man in the world sits in the office of the White House with the support of both America and Russian armed forces, also committed treason on his rise to power.

Would that be enough to dissuade his followers? End his movement? It does nothing to delegitimize his agenda.

The ends justify the means they will argue. He did what he had to do to ascend to highest office of a corrupt system. To drain the swamp you have to get dirty.

His means have always been distasteful. Judge his agenda. Listen to him now…

America first, they will scream!

Protect our borders, they will rally!

Lock her up, they will echo!

Blue Lives Matter, they will counter!

MAGA, they will chant!


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