Morality Bites

There are many who hold out hopes that basic decency and “Christian values” will harness this caravan of corrupt criminals from fully embracing the hate agenda. That compassion and empathy will somehow emerge and prevent any real lasting damage.

Alas, this past week proved otherwise. In the wake of white supremacist fueled tragedy the art of the deal requires Deplorable Trump to rear his head once again. The version of Trump that will make immediate false equivalents, followed by a listless teleprompter read denunciation of the mentally unstable individual, quickly followed by the “McConnell made me say those things earlier” tweetstorm of overt dog whistles and additional conspiracy theory fueled incendiary accusations against political targets. Les bon temps roule!

Putin rose to power on the back of a school massacre (look it up and draw your own conclusions) and the forceful oppression of political dissent and an independent media. In his campaign for President Trump bragged that he would take out the families of terrorists. He’s also more or less declared members of the free press as “terrorists,” the enemy of the American people.

Trump’s success means everything to him. His sole source of validation that he’d do anything to protect. He’s still under multiple investigations for colluding with Russia and laundering oligarch money. There’s good reason to believe this may have resulted in the compromising materials Putin collected on him. Good old fashioned blackmail. A quid pro quo of sorts,

“Ask no questions, trust those around you and do as your told once in office and we forgive all debts, keep you out of prison and we’ll make you the most powerful man in the world (for now) OR kiss your reputation, legacy and family name goodbye.”

Is it really far fetched to believe he wouldn’t do anything to protect that reputation. Safeguard his legacy. Trump may be the star but he’s not the mastermind of this cabal.

Never in the history of this country has an incumbent President been so unpopular. The truth is Electoral College or not he will lose a national popular vote by MILLIONS to most any candidate. His chances of re-election in a free and vote are slim to none. He knows this and also knows that a criminal indictment awaits his return to civilian life. Perhaps the same fate as one Jeffery Epstein not far beyond. In other words, Trump has no desire to leave office and will most likely take whatever means necessary to ensure that won’t be the case.

A wounded animal is often the most dangerous kind. Even docile pets grow unpredictable, more prone to aggression when they fear for their future safety. We must keep the pressure on all our elected officials. Demand accountability. Resist normalizing the insane, the illogical and inane.

This is not a political fight. It’s a moral one #HistoryHasItsEyesOnYou


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