Divider in Chief

Each day the man remains in office brings us closer and closer to the collapse of the American experiment. So, climb aboard. At this point there’s no preventing a bumpy ride but if we all agree to cast politics aside and join together as Americans then at least we may still come out the other side of this tunnel…

If you are registered Republican and concerned about Trump the time to act is now. Please consider officially changing your party affiliation to independent. Republican officials need to understand that their seats are not safe if they continue to go along with our so called President.

Though several members of the GOP have expressed concern about the Divider in Chief’s actions and words. To date no more than a handful have stood up to him in any meaningful way.

Unfortunately too many of our representatives, on both sides of the aisle, are motivated solely by power and survival. To truly drain the swamp this must stop. There is no doubt what the majority of people in this country value. There is no doubt what we want. It is time to put people over party. Only the citizens have the power to force this change. Make your voices heard and take action.

Declare your independence from party loyalty. Break the chains of political bondage and support those who stand up to bullies. Who have the courage of their convictions. Who accept accountability and do the right thing. This isn’t a fight that can wait for an uncertain tomorrow. The time is now and all in the political establishment must be put on notice #HistoryHasItsEyesOnYou


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