The Soul of our Nation

It’s time to take the gloves off. This is not a political fight, it’s a moral one. Traditional political messaging has no place in the fight ahead. Biden and his surrogates must present a clear and aggressive message. They must weaponize fear and no longer worry about who they alienate in doing so. If ever there was a you’re either with us, or you’re against us moment it’s now.

Let’s start by calling a spade a spade. Those who serve and support this administration are a vast minority of our citizenry. They are not members of a traditional political party, but more akin to a cult. The entirety of their agenda boils down to God, guns and a consolidation of money and power; a preservation of the status quo long past demographics will otherwise allow. The latest tantrum by their golden calf in which he threatens to implement regulations that would shutdown social media just the latest abandonment of traditional GOP values.

If this is truly a “fight for the soul of our nation” as Biden claims fight it as such. Do not be afraid to ostracize those who disagree. Donald Trump has betrayed his oath of office. He has failed in his responsibility to protect and defend the health and safety of all people within our majestic shores. He is most likely a traitor to this nation and those who support him are not patriots but accomplices in his mission to end the hopes and dreams of our founding fathers.

There is all sorts of evidence to support this view that Democrats should take to the airwaves daily to present. From his first days in offfice when he allowed Flynn, a known national security threat, to remain as the head of the NSA for 19 days without restriction, to his attacks on a free press and free speech, to his failure to prepare for a predictable pandemic, to his focus on Wall Street this administration has proven time and again that they serve the interests of the few. Every debate should be filled with incendiary language that supports these claims. Transpose these events with the values America was founded upon.


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