Black Lives Matter

Black Lives matter. If a simple statement of fact elicits negative reaction within you then it is time for some soul searching and self reflection.

Black lives matter. Such statement does not exist in a vacuum. It casts no judgment on other lives. Claims no superiority over other lives. It serves as a necessary reminder.

Black lives matter. It is literal and true. Black lives deserve empathy and respect. They have value and worth. They contribute to our daily existence and must not be dismissed or treated as expendable.

Black lives matter. That is not a threat to other races or colors. Their is no either/or choice here. If it raises your dander then you are the problem. If you are compelled to respond with “all lives matter” or some similar response then you are the insecure and little one. You are the whiny snowflake.

Black lives matter. Shout it from the rooftops. Chalk it on your driveways. Scream it from the streets.

Black lives matter. Black lives are flesh and blood. Black lives are courageous and brave. Black lives are patriots. Black lives are progress. Black lives are compassion. Black loves irreplaceable. Black lives are humanity.


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