Presumption of Guilt

Our justice system is premised on the belief that you are innocent until proven guilty. While that does not preclude arrest it should prevent the use of deadly force in all but life threatening situations. Rayshard Brooks was killed for evading arrest while drunk and Black. It is a clear illustration of what is wrong with our policing in this country and why drastic changes must be made.

That a police officer feels the need to shoot a fleeing suspect in the back three times without imminent fear for his/her life is nothing short of murder. The only thing these officers feared was the embarrassment of having their taser swiped and a long foot chase. If Brooks had evaded arrest in the moment he would have left behind his car and the police had all of his information. He was also suspected to be inebriated. How difficult do you think it would have been to find him? Instead the officer valued the collar more than the life of the suspect they knew to be unarmed.

This is why the world is erupting in protest. This is what demands to defund the police to use the money more effectively means. This is why we sadly need to remind each other that black lives matter.


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