The Big Lie

That the Guardians of Putin (GOP) still exist as a major national party is an indictment of Democratic leadership. Their failure to understand branding and fear at offending any potential constituent, even ones with loaded guns pointed back in their face.

The “big lie” is an example of this. Why not call it what it was intended to be? It was not a “big lie.” It was a failed coup. Had Trump succeeded in overturning the legitimate election results it would have redefined our entire political system. America would no longer function as a Democratic Republic. The constitution rendered as worthless as a degree from Trump U.

When one’s intent is the overthrow of a democratically elected leader it cannot be called a “big lie.” It is a failed coup by an enemy of the state. Whether an individual truly believes voters got it wrong or will suffer with a change in command is irrelevant to the analysis. As Barr himself now attests, all evidence shows that Trump and his merry bannon of criminal accomplices knew there was no legitimate claim of fraud. That information in and of itself should be enough to charge and arrest him pending trial.

So long as there is even a possibility that Trump may again seek the presidential office this country will be unable to unite. Problems do not get better over time. The threat to our democracy still exists and must be removed. So long as the face of the coup is free he remains an enemy of the state and a danger to our Republic #LockHimUp


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