Russian Roulette

Donald Trump is but a symptom, not the cause of America’s ails. He is not some evil mastermind. He is merely a single round in a dangerous game of Russian roulette being waged by men far smarter and more dangerous than he. Men with real convictions and clear agendas.

Men of so-called faith who choose to serve “god” over country. Who believe the pathway to eternal salvation first runs through Earth’s Armageddon.

Men of ignorance who believe their skin color and birthplace bestow them an inherent superiority over all others. Men who fear a meritocracy and their place in a society that provides equal opportunity for all.

Men of privilege whose greed and desire for riches may never be satiated. Men unable to grasp the true meaning of capitalism or the innovation required to sustain true supply and demand economics. Who instead rely on tax breaks, market manipulation and unfair compensation to maintain their privileged status.

These men extend far beyond Donald Trump. They include the entirety of what remains of the Republican Party. The very word “GOP” needs be associated with betrayal, with traitors, with anti-Americanism. Americans need make clear we recognize GOP for who they really are;

Agents of the rich and putinful,

Enemies of the American dream,

Traitors to democracy,

#GuardiansOfPutin the whole lot of them


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