Crisis Point

America is in the position we are in today, the dreams of our ancestors unraveling faster than a ball of yarn rolling down a staircase, because of a complete and total failure of leadership. Ineffective risk mitigation, unclear purpose, self interested representation, poor messaging and a lack of accountability. Common issues that extend across both of our national parties.

While commendable that, in this age of McConnell, Democrats exist as the only party that seek to advance a representative democracy and serve as the only public officials who act in a manner consistent with our Constitution. It does not necessarily make them effective leaders. Patriotic, yes. Moral, perhaps. But to be effective requires a successful outcome that advances your agenda. It requires monitors and controls be in place to proactively identify and mitigate risk to mission. No matter how true NASA’s intent one cannot claim the launch of the Challenger a success.

America is long past the point of constitutional crisis. In the past decade this country has seen an unprecedented rewinding of progress. A reversal of social gains, LGBTQ+ protections, women’s rights, environmental controls, foreign diplomacy advances, education reform, and unprecedented wealth disparity. Democrats, and the vast majority of this country may still embrace the hopes and dreams of our founders, but the reality is they done a piss poor job in proactively preserving them.

“We, the people” remain the majority and must act as such. Choose to help make AMERICANS great again. Reject those who wish to hold on to a past that will never return, and demand action of those who choose appeasement. It is past time that America confront and acknowledge the enemy that resides within.

You either stand on the side of hope and opportunity, or you wish to defend the status quo and legislate its existence long past the point demographics would otherwise allow.

You either trust in a free and independent press, or you believe transparency is the “enemy of the American people.”

You either side with science, reason, the Constitution and facts or you choose to rely on propaganda, bigotry, corporate lobbyists and faith.

You either believe in American history and embrace the stories of Hamilton, Lincoln, Douglas, King, Kennedy, Ginsburg and Obama or you rebel against it and worship at the altar of Jackson, Lee, McCarthy, Duke and Trump.

You’re either a patriot who seeks to advance the American dream or you’re a traitor who rejects the land of opportunity and her founding principles.

That’s the thing. This caravan of corrupt criminals and self righteous enablers who have succeeded in dimming the beacon of hope and freedom that once illuminated America’s shores do not define America anymore than the fanatics of any religion represent the greater whole. Perception is not reality. Democrats failure to confront an ugly truth only allowed the cancer to metastasize and spread throughout our nation. We need to stop equivocating. We can no longer say that there are “good people” on both sides. There aren’t. This is a question of morality. As Joe Biden says this is a fight for the “soul of America.”


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