Senseless Sensibilities

There is so much to be angry about. So many daily injustices that assault our senses.

Our eyes bear witness to the daily horrors broadcast on an endless 24 hour loop. The images of pain and sorrow seared into our brains. The embrace of the survivors, the anguish of the mothers. The blood of the victims reflects a translucent red off the tears that well in the pockets of our lids.

Our ears deafened by the incessant dog whistles and barrage of divisive propaganda, sound bites and alternative facts that fill our sound waves. The hate filled rhetoric of those meant to serve and inform the general masses. Leaders who choose to use their bully pulpit to promote tribal divisions. Who orchestrate their words to effectuate their own agenda’s of self interest, and to manipulate the ears of the ill informed listener.

Our nose raw from the acrid smells of scorched earth that burn your lungs with each inhale. Respiratory diseases and sinusitis at record highs as allergens, pollutants, and air borne irritants invade our protective cilia. Wears it down to create an unobstructed tunnel through our nasal passageways in which the stench of greed, corruption, caviar and old-fashioned American whiskey flows through.

Our tastebuds dulled by the chemicals, sweetners, artificial flavors and countless other toxins ingested through our food supply. Numbed by the poisons of insecticides, hormones and infected cattle and poultry fed with the cannibalistic remains of their ancestors. Our tongues forever weakened. Left to savor only the most bitter and sour of spices and flavors.

Our sense of touch forever altered by past experience. The aftermath of a pandemic necessitating an infant’s need to relearn hot from cold. Each handshake, hug, or sensual encounter triggering moments of sudden awkwardness. The unwanted grab, hug, pinch or assault that for far too long not only went ignored, but we’re encouraged and worn as a badge of honor at the 19th hole and gym locker rooms. The generational trauma of past institutionalized race based, gender based or religious based attacks forever ingrained on our present and future begins our. A need for skin to skin contact replaced by the distance of text messages, emojis, snaps and TikTok dances.

While the battle for our worldly senses may be lost there is one sense that remains uncorrupted. Hidden, but accessible to us all. A collective humanity and flow of consciousness free for all to tap into. A shared lifeforce that contains the knowledge and wisdom of history’s trials and tribulations.

The majority of us share a collective thirst to sip from that reservoir. To bathe in its energy and lap up its infinite knowledge and power. We just need a guide to show the way through the shield. A hero among us able to read the signs, interpret the prophecy and answer the call of history. For ultimately progress, by definition, knows but one direction and though often unseen the evolution of that more perfect union will ultimately continue its advance #Forward #ProtestTheGOP

The GOP Coup

Pay attention to recent events in Florida. This is what autocracy looks like. The end result of what happens when checks and balances are removed, power is consolidated and self-interests are given priority over the common good. There is nothing representative about Ron DeSantis or his lackey state delegates. In a Democratic Republic representatives must advocate and serve in the best interests of all their constituents, not choose to only advance the self serving ones.

What more Democrats need to see? THE OPPOSITION PARTY DOES NOT BELIEVE IN DEMOCRACY! Republicans use their power to punish dissent, to ostracize free thought and to chill opposition. Their primary objective to preserve power, regardless of popular opinion or support. DeSantis is a prime example. He does not pretend to advocate for all Floridians. He serves only to advance the interests of his tribe above all others. There is no compromise or alternative agendas to consider. It will be either his way or the highway. This is very antithesis of a representative democracy.

Democrats must not continue to rely on traditional checks and balances to contain an unprecedented threat to our Republic. When the sitting “head of state” actively seeks to upend and overthrow the very political system they take an oath to protect, it should raise some alarms. It is not enough for Democrats to respond to clear instances of abuse of power with verbal condemnations and warnings that the GOP must be made to pay in the next election cycle.

DeSantis and many other GOP Governors are passing legislation to ensure control of the very thing Democrats place all their hope in, the next election results. Across the country legislation is being passed in the 30 states with Republican controlled legislatures to restrict voting rights and implement gerrymandered fail safes that enable handpicked sycophants to maintain control of state legislatures. As the case in Florida, 23 of those 30 states are also controlled by a GOP Governor. In these states attempts to preserve the status quo extend far beyond these traditional tools of suppression. In many places new legislation authorizes handpicked State Delegates to overturn free and fair election results, even absent evidence of widespread fraud or malfeasance.

To safeguard their hold on power and prevent the possibility of a Democratic takover, DeSantis and other GOP Governors, are proactively taking steps to rig the election and undermine majority will. If we are truly in a fight to save the “soul of our nation” Democrat leaders must act like it. They must lead with the same urgency as their GOP counterparts and coalesce around policy that supports that objective as their primary one. Take proactive measures and be as aggressive in efforts to safeguard our elections, to expand representation, as the opposition is in ways to restrict it.

It is time Democrats ostracize the GOP and no longer treat them as a legitimate political party. Time to protect the will of the people. Paint and treat the enemy of our democracy as just that. Recognize them for the threat they are. The Guardians Of Putin (GOP), agents of the rich, righteous and putinful. These enemies did not infiltrate through a Trojan Horse. They hijacked control from within. Used the strength of diversity to divide and disable us.

This is no longer about tradition or precedent. The most popular former President and the current Commander in Chief must use their powers to shape the perception of the majority. Take bold measure to communicate what is at stake. Advance informed consent and clearly explain why, in accordance with the rule of law and our constitution, certain bold actions must occur to protect the dreams of our founding fathers.