The Paper Tiger King

The dog whistles turn into bugle calls as the beat towards Civil War goes on. Trump’s bellows to liberate Democrat controlled states but the latest attempt. All Americans must understand who Trump is and what we as a nation and the vast majority of our citizenry are up against. We must come to grips that Trump has never been more than the paper tiger king in this battle. The Joe Exotic of American politics propped up by a supporting cast of deplorable characters.

Trump of course is the perfect rube. A literal caricature of every villain of every film ever made. A billionaire product of affluent affirmative action who sells himself as a man of the people. A self proclaimed tycoon who was placed directly at the top of the business pyramid. Never understanding what it means to actually lead. To advance on merit, not name. Able to skip the lessons of middle management, the art of empathy, humility, accountability and communication. A genius only in his own mind who was so poor at business he literally bankrupted both casinos and real estate conglomerates at the height of the economy. In every way the opposite of a man who embodies the original American dream.

As if it wasn’t obvious before, Trump’s lack of response to the global pandemic that is the Coronavirus has stripped the emperor of all remaining undergarments to expose that Donald Trump is a man of flawed character. The embodiment of the 21st century American dream. A child of the 1% with no discernible talent, skills or virtue beyond that of self promotion. A self aggrandizing narcissistic sycophant with an unhealthy obsession for celebrity and fame. A self hating man child who overcompensates for his shortcomings by bullying, intimidating and surrounding himself with “yes men.”

A man in constant need of validation because deep down he fears he will never live up to daddy’s expectations, never be truly loved. A man with an ego so fragile he can’t deal with dissent or opposition. Who spent a lifetime avoiding accountability and consequences by silencing critics with bribes, quid pro quos and empty promises. Who justifies his deplorable behavior through incredible displays of cognitive dissonance; scapegoating, and otherwise shifting blame to the underprivileged, the disenfranchised, and those less able to defend themselves.

Like most bullies our so called President stands for nothing. He is driven by vengeance, looking only for the next score to settle, fight to win. All he knows is how to marginalize, belittle, conflate, de-legitimize and, when necessary, squash dissent and opposition. Each evening press conference allows him to continue to present alternative facts, only now without the alternatives. Lies then become truth, and perception reality.

Donald Trump is not the cause of America’s ails. He is simply its most recognizable symptom. A permanent oligarchy hides behind this act and is being erected under our noses. Each day we report on his words we help spread the poison and not only does the body count rise but we choke what little life remains of our system of checks and balances.

The New American Exceptionalism

Another day, another tantrum by our emotionally stunted so called President. It’s a disgrace that the leader of the free world is incapable of shame or empathy but at this point it shouldn’t be a surprise. He’s proven this to be character throughout his entire life. It is no longer breaking news.

People are dying by the tens of thousands. The number of dead Americans more than those who perished on 9/11 and our past three wars combined. To expect Trump to suddenly turn self introspective and wonder what he could do differently to stem the tide is a pipe dream. It will not happen. His brain is hardwired to deflect, scapegoat and perform acrobatic feats of cognitive dissonance that enable him to project his own shortcomings on perceived enemies.

We are an ocean away from China. We are the richest most advanced nation on the planet. Early detection and controls are the keys to prevent a pandemic yet multiple Senators chose to prioritize stock sales over ramped up testing or the implementation of safeguards that would have mitigated the risk of the virus’ spread on US soil. These things are not coincidence.

Trump and his caravan of criminal conspirators and cult like enablers don’t give a shit. They prop him up on stage just to spew stream of conscious crap so that morons on the right will believe he’s trying to solve a crisis while simultaneously distracting those in the media and from the far left from discussing the only thing that is worth discussing. The fact that our President and his cronies have blood on their hand. That rather than prepare for a pandemic they removed early detection protocols and rolled out a welcome mat allowing it to enter America’s shores.

Look around the world and behold the new American exceptionalism. Exceptional at failing to protect our citizens from this pandemic’s deadly grip. Exceptional at ignoring scientific conclusion and best practices to stem its spread. Exceptional at prioritizing greed, party and profits over people and basic human rights.

Profits Over People

It’s funny that the same individuals who defend capitalism as the end all be all don’t seem to understand a basic principle of it. The entire model is premised on supply and DEMAND. States may allow all the bowling alleys, massage parlors and hair and nail salons they have to open up but who do you think is going to show up?

Polls show that up to 70% of people favor continued stay at home orders. Sure these businesses may see an initial surge from the other 30% but then what? Each of these consumer driven commodities depend on sustained DEMAND to meet operational costs.

This is all a scam. Without normal demand these businesses will fail in the not to distant future. Employees of these businesses afraid to return to work will now be laid off for cause and removed from unemployment ranks. Those who do report put themselves at heightened risk of contracting Covid and are removed from the current unemployment numbers. Others who currently receive unemployment will be kicked off for failing to seek new opportunity. Small businesses will soon find themselves bankrupt. Forced to permanently shutter their doors with no hope of a Covid related bailout.

There is no logical reason to open up non-essential recreational business at this time. The sustained demand is not yet there. The short terms benefits only serve to advance the agendas of the haves and this administration and their GOP allies. It’s a transparent choice of profits over people and a dereliction of leadership. A clear illustration of how greed, not socialism, is the true enemy of capitalism and will prove its ultimate downfall. This isn’t a political issue, it’s common sense.