The New American Exceptionalism

Another day, another tantrum by our emotionally stunted so called President. It’s a disgrace that the leader of the free world is incapable of shame or empathy but at this point it shouldn’t be a surprise. He’s proven this to be character throughout his entire life. It is no longer breaking news.

People are dying by the tens of thousands. The number of dead Americans more than those who perished on 9/11 and our past three wars combined. To expect Trump to suddenly turn self introspective and wonder what he could do differently to stem the tide is a pipe dream. It will not happen. His brain is hardwired to deflect, scapegoat and perform acrobatic feats of cognitive dissonance that enable him to project his own shortcomings on perceived enemies.

We are an ocean away from China. We are the richest most advanced nation on the planet. Early detection and controls are the keys to prevent a pandemic yet multiple Senators chose to prioritize stock sales over ramped up testing or the implementation of safeguards that would have mitigated the risk of the virus’ spread on US soil. These things are not coincidence.

Trump and his caravan of criminal conspirators and cult like enablers don’t give a shit. They prop him up on stage just to spew stream of conscious crap so that morons on the right will believe he’s trying to solve a crisis while simultaneously distracting those in the media and from the far left from discussing the only thing that is worth discussing. The fact that our President and his cronies have blood on their hand. That rather than prepare for a pandemic they removed early detection protocols and rolled out a welcome mat allowing it to enter America’s shores.

Look around the world and behold the new American exceptionalism. Exceptional at failing to protect our citizens from this pandemic’s deadly grip. Exceptional at ignoring scientific conclusion and best practices to stem its spread. Exceptional at prioritizing greed, party and profits over people and basic human rights.


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