The Golden Calf

I know it’s accepted alternative fact that the Mueller report disproved all Russian conspiracy allegations and concluded it all to be a “Russian hoax,” but nothing could be further from the truth. Read the report yourself not the summary of it offered up by Trump’s trusted Attorney General at the time. Remember that the next time you consider giving credit to Barr for speaking out against Trump and refusing to go along with the “Big Lie.”

Neither Brother Barr, Preacher Pompeo nor Father Pence deserve one ounce of your respect. These God before Country Raptureheads rode their golden calf as far as they could. Cheered their “King David” from the Jerusalem Embassy as he led their army of over 300 likeminded dispensationalist “judges” into lifetime federal appointments. Clutched their pearls in orgasmic frackin glee as Gorsuch, Kavanaugh and Comey Barrett delivered them their Supreme Council of Religious Virtuosity and solidified the Pro-Birth but Anti-Life cause we’re all here to serve as soldiers in the war to end all wars anyway movement. Trump served them well and they gladly turned the other cheek to all seven of his deadly sins right up until the moment they knew the jig was up.

Make no mistake, the reason to this day these evangelical hypocrites refuse to fully disown the Frankenstein of their creation is that they will gladly sign up for the ride again. Accept the art of the deal regardless of cost to country. To them the more world chaos the closer we are to Armageddon. The ends truly justify the means. In Jesus’ name…amen.

Guardians Of Putin, assemble!


Guardians Of Putin

Today’s GOP has no political ideology. They do not represent the interests of their constituents and openly oppose all attempts to alter the status quo, to dilute their privileged status. What they seek is a the permanent establishment of a caste system that delivers their tribe boundless riches and eternal salvation. One that will guarantee no one else will dare question their wealth, racial superiority or virtue again.

The fight to “save the soul of our nation” will not be won if we limit the battlefield to the shores of America. It is a war between democracy and autocracy. To succeed in the broader war ahead we, as a nation, must confront that the GOP’s objectives are identical to those of Putin. They are both enemies of democracy. Ukraine is currently ground zero in that fight, but their battle is all part of the same war that rages here within our shores. That’s the moral of this story, oligarchs be oligarchs, racists be racists, religious zealots, well, they be the root of all evil.

The very word “GOP” need be associated with betrayal, with anti-Americanism. Americans need make clear we recognize GOP for who they really are, the Guardians Of Putin. Pawns of the rich and putinful and traitors to democracy. The whole lot of them

The Stochastic President

Trump made his fortune as a CEO and reality show producer. Effective messaging and storytelling are two areas he actually does well. This attempt to divide America is no accident. Trump knows an indictment awaits his return to civilian life. His best hope to avoid prosecution is to hide behind the shield of executive immunity. To use the resources of the 1%, the blind faith of the Raptureheads and the insecurity driven hate filled strength of the deplorables to silence public dissent and suppress any efforts to otherwise remove him from office.

He seeks their approval and blindly advances their agenda with no questions asked. After all what’s a few dog whistles, conspiracy theory shout outs, executive orders and race baiting tweets in exchange for a loyalty oath from the majority of this nation’s gun owners and private militias.

Trump is clearly scared Schiffless at the moment. His rants and raves at today’s presser were unsettling for sure. Even a domesticated dog’s behavior grows unpredictable when they sense the end is near. This isn’t a political fight, it’s a moral one. Brace yourself for the storms to come