Guardians Of Putin

Today’s GOP has no political ideology. They do not represent the interests of their constituents and openly oppose all attempts to alter the status quo, to dilute their privileged status. What they seek is a the permanent establishment of a caste system that delivers their tribe boundless riches and eternal salvation. One that will guarantee no one else will dare question their wealth, racial superiority or virtue again.

The fight to “save the soul of our nation” will not be won if we limit the battlefield to the shores of America. It is a war between democracy and autocracy. To succeed in the broader war ahead we, as a nation, must confront that the GOP’s objectives are identical to those of Putin. They are both enemies of democracy. Ukraine is currently ground zero in that fight, but their battle is all part of the same war that rages here within our shores. That’s the moral of this story, oligarchs be oligarchs, racists be racists, religious zealots, well, they be the root of all evil.

The very word “GOP” need be associated with betrayal, with anti-Americanism. Americans need make clear we recognize GOP for who they really are, the Guardians Of Putin. Pawns of the rich and putinful and traitors to democracy. The whole lot of them


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