Debbie Downer

I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade. It’s not really my style to be Debbie Downer….but here’s the thing. I bit my tongue for too long. I stayed quiet for months hoping against hope that I was wrong.

I started this blog with the following words,

“I’ve never used Facebook as a platform before but consider me an alarmist. I believe we all have a responsibility to speak out. The only thing I ever learned in Hebrew school was “never forget,” and I haven’t.

Well I silenced my alarm for a bit. “Who knows, maybe Election Night results will surprise me,” I’d optimistically think. Maybe, to paraphrase Celebrity Apprentice winner Bret Michaels, America would “Give me something to believe in….”,

but alas, it’s past time I blare again. There were no surprises. Absolutely nothing gained that I could suddenly “believe in.” No sudden shift in power that indicates accountability is coming for our Comrade in Chief and the caravan of corruption hiding in his shadow. In fact it’s quite the opposite.

Instead we get the worst result possible. Exactly what an inspiring tyrant would desire. Straight out of the “Rising Dictator” playbook, Chapter 3; page nein

at the first public referendum, create the perception of fairness. Hand the opposition the appearance of power, without giving them any real authority. Allow the minority party to win the lowest chamber of the people’s Congress, but be sure to strengthen your hold on the upper Chamber.

In other words, create the perception of a BlueWave, yet somehow your closest allies survive, your loyalest sycophants squeak by.

As the Democratic leaders hit the airwaves to claim victory in gerrymandered districts; you somehow over perform in the Statewide and highest profile races. Your biggest rivals vanquished. The uniters capable of seizing their own headline, the opposition leaders worth following, capable of coalescing allies, the Betos, Gillums and Abrams, relegated to the sidelines.

Appease the masses for a bit. The so called resistance. Restore their hope in democracy for a minute while you simultaneously ostracize the conspiracy theorists and doomsayers from the previously likeminded. Push the most progressive towards the margin. Lessen their influence.

All the while you create the perfect foil onto whom you blame the forthcoming domestic issues. Of course you stonewall all legitimate efforts to investigate you. Let them litigate your claims of “executive privilege” and evidentiary privilege in the courts you already stacked. Pretend to play nice and have Professor Dershowitz plead your case on FoxNews. Regardless, the worst that can happen is they escalate the matter to the very Senate you just strengthened your hold on.

Ask yourself this?

How difficult will it be to convince the public that Nancy Pelosi is the one who is out of touch with the average American?

The answer takes you right up to Chapter 4; the Reichstag Fire

#WinterIsComing #WeNeedALeader


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