Beep Beep

The verge of a constitutional crisis. Let me tell you what that looks like. You remember the old road runner cartoon. Remember when Wile E Coyote would run over the cliff and how he’d be suspended in mid air for a minute. The camera pans in on him as he looks around and slowly becomes aware of where he is.

Well that moment between wide screen and close up as Wile E sits suspended in a jogger’s or thinker’s pose. The split second before we see him grow despondent in the realization that gravity is about to catch up with him, will send him plunging in freefall to the ground. That moment of clarity is what’s known as the verge of going over a cliff.

That’s the problem with being on the verge of something. Often by the time you realize you’re on the verge, it’s too late to change course. The same way Wile E Coyote didn’t grasp his fate until gravity took hold, we as a nation seem to misunderstand our circumstance.

Our so called President is shielded by a caravan of corruption. He declared the free press the enemy of the American people. Extinguished the beacon of hope and freedom that once lit America’s shore. He openly profits off the office and fights all attempts at transparency.

He is the most corrupt President in our nation’s history. The very question of whether he was hired by and is working for the American people remains under independent investigation. As the noose grows tighter he brazenly fires our AG for no reason other than he does not like how that investigation has been allowed to proceed. He replaces him not with a deputy or other candidate who has already been vetted and confirmed by Senate, but with a hand picked sycophant.

This is not Trump’s personal lawyer we’re talking about. This is America’s top law enforcement officer; sworn to uphold the laws of the constitution. The very man being trusted to oversee our Justice Department, to supervise the Mueller investigation, has not even gone through routine vetting.

We’ve already gone over that cliff. We are in the midst of a constitutional crisis, suspended in space. Well past the verge, the conditions for our fall are set. The only thing missing is an opposing force that ushers in that moment of clarity. The gravity that awakens our senses. The #resistance that forces the fall


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