Recipe for Disaster

Chaos and division; exactly what Trump seeks. This is a recipe for disaster. Deranged Donald will continue to stir the pot until all of our nation’s frustrations boil to the surface and martial law rules the day. He senses the opportunity to declare yet another national emergency that will suspend our representative democracy as we know it. The transformation of the American dream into a nightmare near complete.

Trump’s success means everything to him. His sole source of validation that he’d do anything to protect. He’s still under multiple investigations for various financial crimes that include laundering oligarch money. He knows this and also knows that a criminal indictment awaits his return to civilian life. Perhaps the same fate as one Jeffery Epstein not far beyond. His only shield from prosecution the executive immunity offered by the Oval Office.

Is it really far fetched to believe he wouldn’t do anything to protect that reputation? Safeguard his freedom? Never in the history of this country has an incumbent President been so unpopular. The truth is Electoral College or not he will lose a national popular vote by MILLIONS to most any candidate. His chances of re-election in a free and fair vote are slim to none. In other words, Trump has no desire to leave office and will most likely take whatever means necessary to ensure that won’t be the case.

We must not allow our Divider in Chief to shape these protests, this rebellion, to be perceived as a race war. Racial injustice may have been the righteous spark that ignited the movement, but the anger and frustration which fuels the unrest runs beyond.

Scan the crowd. Look at the scenes unfold and you’ll see a cross section of our populance engaged. A nation tired of the systemic and institutionalized injustice that belies our constitutional ideals and suppresses the inalienable rights of all our citizenry.

This is not a racial fight. It’s a moral one.


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