We should talk about Zelenskyy

Every epic tale of good’s triumph over evil involves the unexpected rise of the underdog protagonist forced to stare down evil. A hero who, when all hope seems lost, stands unwavering in defense of freedom and morality. A legend who uses truth and justice to thwart catastrophe.expose the naked emperor and unmask the conspiracy.

Might Zelenskyy be that protagonist? The hero democracy didn’t know it needed? The one destined to thwart the dawning of the New World Order? The underdog outsider who risks it all for the greater good. Who refuses to bend to the bully’s demand. His response to the threats lobbed at him from two nuclear powers and authoritarian leaders suggest a rare moral leadership.

Where others would have prioritized personal gain and taken part in the art of the deal, he refused the quid pro quo. Rejected Trump’s demand he manufacture evidence on Biden. Instead, as a result of a leaked recording of the incident, he witnessed the impeachment of an American President.

Where other leaders would appease to the madman’s quest for power and yield to his demands, Zelenskyy stood firm. Instead he rallied his country and has become the international face of the Ukrainian resistance and embodiment of democratic values. In the process he has exposed the atrocities of war and garnered the world’s sympathy. In revealing the lies and greed that motivate this evil conspiracy of the rich and putinful, he has succeeded in making Russia an international piranha.

Zelenskyy’s ability to offer a clear message rooted in facts, science and logic builds trust and confidence in the listener. Even in midst of unimaginable crisis. It let’s them know that the sacrifice they feel today is temporary; that there is hope for a better tomorrow. A clear plan in which good trumps evil and emerges from the chaos.

In the course of history there have been countless examples of leaders who chose to rule otherwise. Those Putin and Trump like archetypes who ruled through fear mongering, authoritarian accountability and slogans. Who preyed on the weakness of the disenfranchised to promote their own agenda. Who sent out thinly veiled code and dog whistles to call upon the deplorables of society to do their dirty work.

But riddle me this? Has such a leader ever been on the right side of history? Have they ever progressed our collective interests?

The answer, I hope is obvious.



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